Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to the StoryBlazers Movie Lists

Greetings & Salutations

Here you will find a recommended list of great films to watch or re-watch, some which we haven't watched yet ourselves. Some of the Films that we've watched , we watched way before we started reviewing movies. For that reason, in order to get the proper Blaze out of the Story, many of these films will have to be re-watched and their is only so much time for our crack team of StoryBlazers to review the 100's if not millions of films on this lists that need a proper StoryBlazer treatment.

It seems as if the most we can do is color code it and tell you overall if it's worth it or not. Consult the color code atop of this page for proper recomandations. At times you may click on a film and it will take you to a non-StoryBlazer review or article describing the Film. You may find some commentary here or there.

If there is a StoryBlazers review you will find a link next to the film. If the StoryBlazers get a chance to review a certain film that they've already seen they will do so, but will probably stick to watching and reviewing the blue coded films.

This portion of our site is always being updated (perhaps too much time is devoted to updating it) so always look for changes. Their are always new titles to be added. New Links to link. New colors to be coded. New reviews if written will always be posted on the main site.

Happy StoryBlazer List Viewing.

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